Alagnak River fly fishing lodge

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Our true Alagnak River fly fishing lodge, is almost full for the upcoming summer.  We only have spots left in the last few weeks of the summer.  These weeks, starting August fifth through the twelfth, and August twelfth through the nineteenth are the two primary silver salmon weeks.   With these weeks, we also experience the highest catch rates of the summer.  The reason is, we have the second run of the chum salmon, combined with the silver salmon run.  This means that the daily catch rates on the fly for salmon are as high as you can handle!  The screaming runs and power of the chum salmon, combined with the acrobatic silver salmon make for the most unbelievable Alaska fly fishing experience an angler could ever ask for!

We are located in the center of the tidewater, meaning that the daily Alaska salmon fishing is within minutes from our Alaska fly fishing lodge.  We do not have to fly anywhere for unbelievable Alaska fly fishing opportunities like some fly out lodges do.  They are literally on lakes where inclement weather can mean no fishing at all.  And these lodges are much higher cost per day on average as well.   We have the ability to fish every day of our season.  We can target Alaska rainbow trout as well without having to get in a float plane.  We utilize our jet boat to take anglers up to the famous Alagnak River braids for great rainbow trout grayling fishing .

At Angler’s Alibi, we do fly-out to fish the famous Alaska rivers of nearby Katmai National Park.  We have the option of waiting for the best weather opportunities to take an Alaskan fly-out.  Sunny days are no doubt the best for spotting trophy Alaska rainbow trout.  True Alaskan fly-out fishing is something we cherish, but not something we need to do on a daily basis to experience the best Alaska fishing there is!

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Alaska fly fishing lodge trip

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Taking an Alaska fly fishing lodge trip is at the top of several anglers bucket list.  A fun, sure thing Alaska fly fishing trip is hard to come by.   With all the Alaska lodges boasting that they have the best fishing, the best lodge, the best fly fishing available in Alaska, it is hard to trust anyone.   The truth is, there is great fishing in Alaska, and all lodges have at one time or another, some really good fly fishing.  The other truth is, within a season in Alaska, it is hard to offer great fishing every week of the summer.

At our Alaska fly fishing lodge, we are only open for 7 weeks.  Our Alaska lodge does this to ensure we offer great fishing every week we are open.  We do not take guests until after the historic start of our sockeye run starts. This ensures that when our fist guests arrive, we literally have sockeye streaming by the dock.  King salmon are starting to pour into our river as well, the Alagnak River.  From the start of our season, to the end, there are fresh Pacific salmon pouring into the Alagnak River, coming right by our Alaska fly fishing lodge daily!  There are not many lodges in the state that can say this about their location and length of time they are open.   From the first sockeye salmon, to the last silver salmon, we have non stop action all summer long.  This is one very important consideration when choosing a trip to an Alaska fly fishing lodge.

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Not all anglers want to target Pacific salmon on their trip to Alaska.  There are many that would prefer to only fly fish for trout.  This is great, and a fun thing to do.  We, at Angler’s Alibi, do not target Alaska trout every day.  We target salmon almost every day of our summer.  We do spend days targeting trout in the braids of the Alagnak or on fly-outs to nearby Katmai National Park.  These fly-outs are not necessary for great fly fishing, but offer a change of pace and unbelievable Alaska scenery.  At Angler’s Alibi, we do on average at least one fly-out per week, if not more.   With this said, the daily easy access fishing, literally right our our lodge door, is for salmon.

Please ask yourself these questions when considering a trip to Alaska.  Any Alaska fly fishing lodge trip can be wonderful, if you choose the right time, and the right place for what it is you want to do on your Alaska fly fishing trip.